SUR is dedicated to providing a stable platform to such art forms like Indian Classical Music, Dance, Film, Theatre, and literature. With social impact in mind, SUR has embarked a journey of making the world a better place to live with music as a medium. Sustained excellence in terms of stage performance, reaching out to thousands of common people’s heart through social work, and spreading happiness, love and peace with music are the main mantras of SUR.

SUR “Sublime Urge to Rejoice” established in 2014 and aims to spread finest arts to aficionado and lovers of arts. SUR’s founders engage in these arts’ services based on their experience of working in the field of arts over the years. SUR is trying to build the necessary resources and expertise to help artistes with the arts meaningfully, in ways that one wishes to and in ways that meets one’s arts-related requirements.
SUBLIME aim of SUR is to bring artistes affectionately for broader aim, that’s to save Indian Classical Music in its all forms. SUR aims to provide support to other art forms and sports too in recent future. SUR’s board of trustees has got four minds of different creative aspects. The Founders of the Trust are known young artistes of the country who have been performing, researching and learning since childhood under the guidance of stalwarts of the land. Over the years they have been following the troubles, an artiste faces and also promoters of the art form face. So, they are striving hard to leave no stone unturned to make some sort of terms which young artistes can follow between themselves and also get proper cooperation from organizers. The two other minds, the President and the Treasurer of SUR are from entrepreneur and corporate world, serving with practical overview on market research and non- profit business strategies to get SUR’s aim properly channelized.
URGE is to reach various areas and disciplines that include music, dance, film, theatre, literature, and sports. SUR’s board has developed the resources and expertise to help conceptualise events, before bringing SUR into existence.
SUR’s team has relationships with a range of national and international artists from different fields and organizations. The founder’s experiences in arts and relationship with arts events management ensures that SUR presents work of soaring caliber. We pay close attention to the technical and logistical arrangements of all SUR events and workshops etc.
REJOICE with events that will surely attract a wide range of people, including top corporate executives, media personalities, IT professionals, patrons of the arts, theatre and music personalities, cultural devotee and students. We have started customizing events to an explicit panel of audience and working on the avenues to attract them. All funds whether income of principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, shall be devoted to Research or Promotion of Arts.